Who We Are

HitekNOFAL Solutions started its activities in Egypt over three decades ago as a Communication Network Solutions provider. The company obtained its first ISO 9001 certificate in 1997.
In 2000, the company launched its first factory to produce Electric & Data Wiring Systems, and started expanding into the regional markets in Africa and the Middle East.
In 2018, HitekNOFAL Solutions launched its own fiber optic manufacturing facility to produce both fiber optic cables and accessories.

Today, HitekNOFAL Solutions delivers Smart Turnkey Infrastructure Solutions, providing its customers mainly with FTTx, Fiber Sensing Solutions, Converged IP Networks, Security, and Data Centers.
The company’s products, solutions, and services support a wide range of economic sectors, namely ICT, Oil & Gas, Security & Defense, General Contracting, and Transportation.
HitekNOFAL Solutions success relies on its extensive experience, its locally manufactured products & value-added solutions, and last but not least, its high caliber employees whose continuous training enable them to implement the latest technologies.

Word from the CEO

Businesses are the fundamental elements of the economy of any country. Periodically, every state experience economic ups (called prosperity) and downs (called recessions and sometimes even depressions); so does the world-economy. These changes can be motivated either financially or politically or otherwise. However, after each cycle, recovery brings about significant changes, substantial development, innovative technologies, and a totally new societal setup. This is what we can then call a reset.

Vision and Mission

Our Vision: To be the most trusted innovator to provide the next-generation of digital transformation solutions to connect and secure people places, and organizations around the world.
Our Mission: We HitekNOFAL Solutions are determined in pushing the boundaries of technology and innovation by servicing the regional leading service providers, governments, and enterprises with high quality ICT infrastructure solutions. Our commitment to our clients and their companies is based on our continuous investment in our people and development of our internal business process.

Service Department

Our fully-fledged service department is handled by high caliber engineers and technicians. We provide a single source starting from project implementation and consultation to post-sales support, ensuring therefore absolute customer satisfaction.

Our ISO-based value-added services include initial technical consultation, site survey, solution design, project management, procedure auditing, installation & weekly progress reports, testing & commissioning, and delivery of complete documentation, as requested.

In addition, we carry out key field activities, notably fiber optic splicing, SM/MM fiber optic attenuation measurement through use of OTDR, and fiber optic network monitoring.
Our comprehensive portfolio of services and technical support programs, in addition to our more than 3-decade long field experience, contributed to our recognition as a market leader in field service optimization.

Manufacturing Facility

Our new manufacturing facility of fiber optic cabling solutions, located in Badr city Cairo, was launched in 2018. A 27,000 m² automated plant, featuring state-of-the-art technology that is capable of delivering manufacturing efficiency and cost optimization. The plant is supported by a fully-dedicated Quality Control, Quality Assurance and R&D facilities.

Our loose tube cables come in either armored or non-armored configurations with pertinent outer jackets to withstand a range of harsh weather conditions. For extraordinary customer needs and demanding applications, our customizable delivery empowers you with cables that can withstand extreme temperatures and adverse chemical exposure.

Our central loose tube cables deliver stable and highly reliable transmission parameters for a variety of voice, data, video and imaging applications. These single jacket single armor cables are lightweight, UV-stabilized and fully water blocked; they are suitable for outdoor duct and direct burial applications. Acknowledged for their durability and flexibility, our central loose tube cables are required for many OSP applications and campus-type environments.

Fiber Optic Cable Manufacturing Processes


Secondary coating or buffering line


SZ Stranding line


Sheathing line

Quality Control

The following tests are carried out in our manufacturing facility to ensure top product quality:

  • Dimensional tests
  • Optical testing :
    - Attenuation test
    - Type testing
  • Environmental tests :
    - Water penetration test
    - Temperature cycling test
    - Compound flow (drip test)
  • Mechanical tests :
    - Tensile strength
    - Crush resistance test
    - Impact test
    - Repeated bending test
    - Torsion
    - Bending under tension (sheave test)

Fiber Optic Accessory Laboratory

We operate a fully equipped fiber optic laboratory that produces “customized” fiber optic patch cords and pigtails beyond standard length options, using a variety of connectors (namely SC/APC, FC/APC, LC/APC, E2000/APC, etc), per the following specs: ITU-T G.652, G.655, G.656, G.657.

We guarantee an end product that has low attenuation over a wide wavelength range, with a production line capability of up to 4000 patch cords per day.

Quality Control

The laboratory accommodates leading-edge production processes including assembly product testing and in-process & final product inspection to meet Telecommunications Industry Association (TIA) and ISO standards.