Who We Are

HitekNOFAL Solutions started its activities in Egypt over three decades ago as a Communication Network Solutions provider. The company obtained its first ISO 9001 certificate in 1997.
In 2000, the company launched its first factory to produce Electric & Data Wiring Systems, then expanded into the regional markets in Africa and the Middle East.

In 2018, we launched our own fiber optic manufacturing facility to produce both, fiber optic cables and accessories.
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Word From The CEO

Looking at the decade ahead, I have reasons to see it as a transformational period for the entire ICT sector worldwide. I am confident that we, at HitekNOFAL, are well positioned to face the forthcoming challenges and emerging industry trends that are – all – opportunities for further business expansion and growth.

We expect the existing business model in our sector to be greatly transformed with an increased focus on the service layer. The growing operator emphasis on service interoperability between networks is leading several key vendors of service-layer technology to reevaluate their market offers. Vendors are therefore starting to deploy service-layer solutions, either converted into products or bundled with professional services. They are thus redoubling efforts to support Advanced Intelligent Network (AIN) customers with the idea of a "service-independent" architecture that can support operators as they migrate to a Next-Generation Network (NGN). Service layer technology can be used to improve network operations and add new services to help operators compete with Over-The-Top (OTT) players.

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Our Top Customers

HitekNOFAL Academy

HitekNOFAL fiber optics academy is the first FOA-approved school in the Middle East. We offer courses in basic and advanced technologies, covering both theoretical and practical hands-on experience through our laboratory session, as well as field day. We also take our students through the manufacturing process of fiber optic cabling solutions.

Fiber Optic Association (FOA)

Founded in 1995, FOA is an international non-profit educational organization whose prime mandate is to promote and spread fiber optic technology worldwide. To date, FOA has been approved in over 40 countries, and has successfully graduated around 81,000 technologists by working with universities, training organizations as well as prominent companies in the field of communication networks.

How can HitekNOFAL FOA Academy help you?

HitekNOFAL FOA academy opens up a whole new world of unique opportunities within the growing field of fiber optics. Our theoretical and practical hands on training assures our students a distinctive education and technology transfer, while assuring ultimate proficiency. Successfully going through the various levels of the FOA certification program demonstrates a professional level of competence to be taken into account by potential employers. Certified students are eligible to join the FOA online database to continually keep abreast of any technical development worldwide. In addition, FOA website offers an online reference guide to fiber optics as well as an extensive library of technical information and tutorials on fiber optics. Furthermore, FOA issues a monthly online newsletter, featuring all the latest updates in technology.

FOA Certificates
CFOT Basic Certification FOA certifications are designed to show a progression of growth in knowledge, skills and abilities (KSAs) in fiber optics and premises cabling. Most FOA certificates start with the CFOT® certification before applying for higher level courses.
Once you are FOA certified, you can work toward specialist certifications. FOA offers CFOS (Certified FO specialist) certifications in both skills and applications. To qualify for these certifications, you can apply based on field experience or take a specialist course from one of the FOA-Approved Schools. You should keep a record of your experience in the field to qualify for specialist certifications.
When you are ready, you can apply for the CFOS exam in any of the specialties.

Network Design (CFOS/D)
Connectors (CFOS/C)
Splicing (CFOS/S)
Testing (CFOS/T)
Data Center (CFOS/DC)
Optical LAN (CFOS/L)
Wireless (CFOS/W)
Distributed Antenna Systems (CFOS/DAS)
Fiber Characterization (CFOS/FC)