1. Physical Security Solutions

HitekNOFAL Solutions empowers customers with surveillance systems that become the key component of the security strategy of corporations and state organizations. Our Security solutions can capture and document every single event in your premises and plants. We design, install, maintain and service fully customizable systems tailored to each customer's needs.

2. Network Security Solutions

In the current, complex network architecture, potential threats are frequent and grave, where hackers can spot your network’s vulnerable points, causing irreversible disruption, and irreparable damage.

Highly customizable, our Network Security solution ensure full protection of your computer networks’ accessibility, integrity, functionality and confidentiality. Irrespective of your company’s size, sector and infrastructure, HitekNOFAL Solutions empowers you with the best protection modules that guarantee you will focus on your business 24x7, enjoying uninterrupted, unmatched network security.

We deliver solutions properly tailored to address your network security needs, minimize risks, mitigate application threats, and grant your business full control over applications, content and users. Our solutions enable you to:

  • detect and prevent hack threats (IDS/IPS).
  • scan allowed applications and stop network-threatening applications.
  • detect and eliminate malware.
  • ensure application visibility and control.
  • filter web content.
  • scan your network parameters and examine potential vulnerable points.
  • deploy the proper VPN services.
  • implement next generation firewalls.
  • monitor effectively the status of your network 24x7.

Electric & Data Wiring Systems

Since 1998, HitekNOFAL Solutions has been manufacturing and supplying Electric & Data harnesses that comply with the harsh military environment and conform to the professional Raychem standards.
Supported by our extensive experience and our outstanding performance, we offer complete systems, involving product design, manufacturing, and assembly. Our value-added delivery made us the regionally recognized leader in heat shrinkable technology.
We offer various systems of electric & data harnesses, from single wire to multi-branch assemblies with tight closures, using special military standard components.
Our harnesses are all 0 tested and guaranteed for up to 25 years.
Over the years, our solutions have proven their efficiency in the military, medical and industrial sectors.

Electric & Data Wiring Systems Manufacturing


HitekNOFAL Solutions technical design team use the latest software in designing electrical & data harnesses. We provide customers with a complete set of layouts, wiring diagrams, and spare parts list. When choosing the different components for our harnesses, we always take into account the final application and we deliver value-added products to our customers.

Harness Prototypes

Prototypes are always built first to improve the installation and the component selection process. A set of special tests are also conducted to evaluate the latest specifications.

Quality Testing

The following tests are routinely carried out to measure the efficiency, the durability and the quality of our harnesses:

  • Connection test
  • Insulation test
  • Breakdown test
  • Aging test

Customer Support

Since its inception, HitekNOFAL Solutions has carried out large projects, serving with the Egyptian Armed Forces, the Defense System Research Center, the Ministry of Military Production, and the Arab Organization for Industrialization.
HitekNOFAL provides its customers with the following:

  • A complete set of electric & data harnesses designed to meet all specific needs
  • Efficient post-sales technical support
  • Quality control and training
  • 25-year post-sales warranty

Maintenance Service

HitekNOFAL Solutions harness maintenance service includes the following:

  • On-site maintenance.
  • High caliber technicians for product maintenance.
  • Special products for harness repair and maintenance, such as tools, user manuals, and technical instructions.
  • Use of high standard components for maintenance and reinstallation.
  • Equipment suitable for diverse regions’ specifications.
  • On-site training.

Why Choose HitekNOFAL Solutions Harnesses?

    Our heat-shrinkable accessories, copper wires, and connectors guarantee the following:

  • High mechanical protection in different temperature ranges.
  • High resistance to liquids in different temperature ranges.
  • Efficiency and long life of harnesses.
  • Lightweight and small size.
  • 100% hand made products.
  • 100% tested products.