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HitekNOFAL Academy 2015 classe in Fiber Optic Technologist and FTTx experts

HitekNOFAL Solutions, a communication network solution provider, announced the graduation of  2015 group of local and foreign students from various sectors of the economy in Fiber Optic technology.  The courses that are offered through the company’s own academy, covering both basic and advanced fiber optic technology, are developed and certified by the US-based Fiber Optic Association, an NGO, whose the mandate is to spread the Fiber Optic Technology worldwide.

Eng. Randa Tawfik, HitekNOFAL  Marketing Director, stated that the FOA courses cover concepts, details of  FO network infrastructure and how it is designed based on different applications, as well the latest installation techniques in order to demonstrate to  our students how to  develop and implement  the optimum fiber-optic communications network.

Tawfik added that besides the theoretical material that is covered by the FOA courses during the class, the students gain hands-on training, through the company’s fiber-optic lab, where each student gets a chance to handle, work with and test the fiber optic cables & accessories.  The students also gain the instructors’ field experience acquired over the years from all the projects the company executed in Fiber optics. This combination of theoretical, shared experience and practical training assures the making of a well-rounded graduate ready to tackle the challenges of working within the Fiber Optics field.  

The Director of Marketing also added that in order to graduate from HitekNOFAL Academy in either basic or advanced level in fiber optics, all students have to pass a test developed by the FOA and administered locally.  

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