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Wiring Systems

HitekNOFAL is a worldwide supplier of state-of-the-art wiring systems and components specially customized for each customer. We design, manufacture, and supply complete harnessing systems for various applications in the defense industry. Each one of our products is specifically hand made for its designated application and is 100% tested per HitekNOFAL ISO Quality Control procedures. We also provide experienced on-site technical assistance for fast and easy installation using specifically designed and engineered tools.


All our products are manufactured according to the applicable military standard in the defense market.

HitekNOFAL Wiring System Components:

Heat Shrink Thin Wall/Dual Tubing

Heat shrink thin wall tubing provides superior insulation and protection against mechanical damage and abrasion, while heat shrink dual wall tubing is highly recommended for corrosion protection and sealing applications.

Molded Components

HitekNOFAL designs and assembles customized molded parts in different configurations and sizes. Our molded components include boots, cable breakouts, transitions, covers, caps, and feedthroughs. We also assemble heat-shrinkable molded components that provide dependable strain relief and mechanical & electrical protection for a wide range of applications.  

Cross Linked Spec 44 and Spec 55 Cabling

Lightweight yet rugged Spec 44 and Spec 55 cables are radiation cross-linked to provide superior electrical characteristics and physical strength. These flexible and flame-retardant products have high melting temperatures and are resistant to a variety of solvents and chemicals. Both product lines are available in multiple component cables as well as shielded and jacketed cables. 

While Spec 44 offers significant weight savings over conventional high-temperature wire insulation systems, Spec 55 has a tougher polymer formulation that protects against abrasion and cut-through, and resists electrical arc tracking in both dry and wet conditions. 

Both cables are available as shielded, jacketed, and multiple component cables.