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Data Center

Data centers nowadays play a critical role in the overall success of companies, where its main purpose is to run applications that handle companies’ core business and operational data. Data centers ensure system availability, asset utilization, security, and power/cooling efficiency, as well as support new, extrinsic necessities and adapt quickly and effortlessly to any changes. 

HitekNOFAL provides end-to-end data center solutions incorporating our unified computing, storage, and virtualization technologies into a single solution that is customized to current needs with predicted modular expansions. 

In today's highly competitive markets whereby customers are measuring network downtime in lost profits, our data center solutions ensure the following mission critical parameters: 

- Data Center Efficiency 

- Business Continuance with Instantaneous Access to Data from Multiple Tiers 

- Data Center Security 

- Virtualization 

- Infrastructure Consolidation 

- Data Mobility 

To perfectly meet our customers' continually increasing needs, we have developed a data center solution that consists of the following:

  • Data Center Planning and Design
  • Data Center Business Analysis & Feasibility Studies
  • Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery
  • Data Center Power and Cooling Systems Analysis
  • Data Center Site Selection
  • Electrical Design & Engineering
  • Mechanical Design & Engineering
  • Plumbing & Fire Protection Systems Design
  • Network Operations Center (NOC) Design Services
  • Network & Network Security Design Services
  • Server and Storage Design Services
  • Communications & Data Cabling Design Services