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As a great number of our solutions are highly customized and involve customer co-design process, technical support is considered an important part of HitekNOFAL customer services procedure. 

HitekNOFAL has deployed a great part of effort in  building  an effective, collaborative support group that includes internal support team as well as  external partners with relevant  skills. 

Incoming support requests, are routed internally based on skills, and service level requirements. Our support group is able to work collaboratively as a real time team when necessary.

HitekNOFAL Technical Consultants are responsible for the following:

    • Manage and track customer service requests from initial contact to final  resolution
    • Automatically route service requests to the appropriate team  for resolution
    • Keep tabs on customer e-mail messages and generate automatic responses when appropriate, using a solution database for the most common service problems
    • Generate reports that identify the reported issue along with the presented solution