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Founded in 1987, HitekNOFAL is a leading provider of integrated communication network solutions. The company has been ISO 9001-certified since 1997.

We design, develop, and implement value-added solutions for the ICT, General Contracting, Government, Defense & Security, Oil & Gas, and the Industrial sectors, providing a comprehensive range of value-added services. We deliver best-in-market implementation techniques, adequate training, and world class service.

Our customizable solutions help our local and regional customers effectively address their needs in Data Communication Networks including Collaboration, Data Centers, and Security Solutions. Our success is due to our technical strength, the quality of our products, and our strategic partnership with renowned global players. 

As we anticipated a development within the fiber optics business, we decided to actively contribute to its expansion and duly popularize its technology at the local and regional levels. We therefore established HitekNOFAL Fiber Optic Academy, the first FOA (Fiber Optic Association) approved Academy in the Middle East.