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For us, at HitekNOFAL, social responsibility is highly valued; to support the needs of our technology-driven society, we focus on education with an emphasis on technical infrastructure and state-of-the-art networking.

Over the past few years, we identified e-learning as a critical field whereby we could contribute tremendously to the educational, cultural, and social development of Egypt. We are proud to say that our deep commitment to the cause of e-learning in Egypt is a mere evocation of our business purpose.

Every year, coordinating with the American University in Cairo (AUC), we co-organize and co-sponsor an International Conference on e-learning applications that takes place at the AUC. The pioneering event is held under the auspices of the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology, and through themed speeches, innovative presentations, and animated debates sheds light on, and provides guidance about, the multifaceted advantages offered by e-learning applications.

In this regard, our goal is to motivate the Egyptian society to rapidly embrace e-learning and consequently get the maximum benefit from the groundbreaking possibilities e-learning grants to users in terms of pedagogical approach, concept, methodology, functionality, and operability.

We, at HitekNOFAL, do not make available Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) information for products manufactured by us or our partners because cable/wire is considered an "article" based on the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) definition of "article". MSDS information is not required for "articles". If an MSDS is needed for an element(s) that is part of the cable composition, we can provide MSDS information for the element(s). Last but not least, HitekNOFAL does not use any "endangered species products" in the manufacturing process.

In addition, we are about to launch a new program of educational outreach activities, involving school children's tutorship in Zahraa El Maadi.

HitekNOFAL endeavors to be a good neighbor and is committed to the communities that sustain it. We contribute to Maadi urban embellishment and greenery, and we plan on launching regular programs for Green Zahraa El Maadi.

Reflecting the lofty values of our Muslim society, HitekNOFAL's charitable giving helps the needy and the homeless, grants alms to the elder poor, and offers medical assistance to impecunious invalids.