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HitekNOFAL considers the promotion of employee health & safety measures as an issue of seminal importance. This has been a mutual objective for management and employees at all levels.

It is the company's policy to do all that it takes to prevent personal injury and damage to property and to protect everyone from any sort of foreseeable work hazards. We extend this policy to the general public, insofar as they come into contact with the company.

More specifically, HitekNOFAL bears the responsibility for the following:

  • Providing and maintaining a safe and healthy working environment
  • Making available specialized training and instruction geared to help employees perform their work safely and without risk to health
  • Maintaining a constant and meticulous interest in all health & safety issues
  • Appraising labor practices to ensure safety
  • Eventually seeking advice from safety specialists
  • Ensuring compliance with legal and other requirements